Abolishing Modern-Day Slavery

About City Of Refuge Ministries

Johnbull & Stacy Omorefe

Johnbull & Stacy Omorefe

In 2006 John and I founded the City Of Refuge Ministries to reach out to the orphaned and abandoned children of Ghana, West Africa. In December 2007 we traveled to Ghana to seek out a situation that we had heard about earlier in the year. We found ourselves in the Volta Region of Ghana in a village called Kete Krachi.

Kete Krachi is the major hub for fishermen who live along Lake Volta. It is also a major hub for child trafficking in this region.

The issue of modern day slavery was looking us right in the face as we saw a lake full of canoes and on every one of the canoes there was at least one child working. These children weren’t smiling…They weren’t singing songs or making jokes. They were working…sold by their parents into a life of tragedy. A life of heart ache and pain. These children have found no love, care, nurturing…the only thing that they know is survival.

There was a boy, Mawule, he was about 7 years old. When he saw us he came running. He told the men that we were with that he was ready to be rescued. And that is just what we did … We liberated him from his slave master… We held him in our arms and told him he was going to be okay.

The Face of Modern Day Slavery revealed itself to us… and challenged us… “What are you going to do about me??” And we in turn showed Modern Day Slavery the face of Freedom… and asked Him what it was going to do about it. FREEDOM always wins!!

Our goal is to redeem every child off of Lake Volta that is trapped in slavery then we will move on to every cocoa field and gold mine. We won’t be satisfied with just one child, we want every child in slavery within the boundaries of Ghana FREE.. ONE BY ONE BY ONE… They will all experience a childhood … they will all experience freedom!!

To find out what City of Refuge is doing to end child trafficking in Ghana please visit our website: http://www.cityofrefugeoutreach.com


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